Blackberry Messenger

If there’s one thing Blackberry has the world waiting for, it’s Messenger. Their Blackberry Messenger, or BBM as most refer to it, has been slated for Android and iOS since Blackberry made it’s comeback earlier this year. CEO Thorsten Heins made the surprise announcement shortly after the triumphant RIM Blackberry relaunch, and had many interested in seeing the once-popular messaging app on their new Android or iOS platform.

Some very basic user manuals for BBM were on the Blackberry website, then promptly removed. According to several sources who laid eyes on the manuals, the directions were a simple “how to” guide for getting up and running with BBM. Setting up a profile, viewing the profile of others, sending messages — that kind of thing. For the BBM faithful and familiar, it will be nearly useless. For the newly initiated, it may prove a necessary tool for navigating the app.

For those who await BBM’s release, no date has been given for the service to make an appearance on either the Play Store or App Store. The user guides (one for Android, one for iOS) didn’t have any screenshots, but showed a few similar icons, suggesting BBM will be the same on both platforms. In the crowded messenger market, BBM promises to show everyone a thing or two about how messaging is supposed to be.

Or, at least how it was done all those years ago. With a stagnant Blackberry letting everyone get the drop on them, it will be really difficult to stake their place on your mobile device. Between Hangouts, Kik, WhatsApp, and social media messaging services like Facebook, the crowded market may just not have a place for Blackberry.