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Will Trent season 2: Plot, release window, and more

Dive in to find out about the Will Trent season 2 potential release date, and what lies ahead for our favorite characters.
November 2, 2023

There are two kinds of cop shows: ones where a team of smart, hard-working, and extremely likable investigators bring perps to justice.

And then there are shows like Will Trent, where the whole show is being run by an inhumanely intelligent cop with a penchant for always saying the wrong thing, and of course, a possible love interest who’s capable but less scandalous.

Will Trent is quippy and fast-paced. Its good-natured setting reminds us of shows like Monk and The Mentalist, and for good measure — we see a bit of Criminal Minds in there, too (Reid with his eidetic memory).

Read on to find out the Will Trent season 2 release date and everything else we know so far.

Has Will Trent been renewed for season 2?

Yes, ABC officially confirmed the renewal of Will Trent for its second season in April 2023, following the success of the first season.

When does Will Trent season 2 start?

The specific release date for the second season of Will Trent has not been announced. However, due to potential delays related to the WGA and writer’s strikes, it’s projected that the season might premiere between May and August 2024.

We’ll update this post as soon as we hear more.

What to expect from season 2 of Will Trent?

In the upcoming season of Will Trent, there’ll be more mysteries and murders, more conflicts, and some definite progress on Will’s quest to find his mother.

One of the main story arcs that the second season is expected to explore revolves around Angie Polaski. After the shocking events of the first season, where Angie possibly faced paralysis following an attack, her recovery, and its implications will be at the forefront.

This storyline will also focus on Angie’s relationship with Will. However, a lot of whodunit shows do show quick recoveries. We don’t know what will happen, but it could be that we see Angie make a quick recovery after that scare and get back in the game.

Onto Will’s quest to find his mother, he now has her name and photograph. Very useful artifacts when it comes to tracking someone down. Again, we’re reminded of Patrick Jane looking for Red John while solving murders simultaneously, albeit that was a lot darker.

What is characteristic of shows like this is a steady stream of single-episode mysteries. Despite the central storyline, this is always our favorite part of crime thrillers. Given that the show is based on Karin Slaughter’s series of novels, there’s a wealth of source material that can be adapted to provide a blend of intense investigations and character-driven narratives.

Where to watch Will Trent season 2?

Will Trent season 2 will air on ABC. Subsequent to its television broadcast, episodes are expected to be accessible for streaming on Hulu.


Will Trent is filmed in Georgia.

On ABC, Will Trent airs on Tuesdays. As for season 2, that has not begun yet.

Within the context of the show, GBI refers to the Georgia Bureau of Investigations. The protagonist, Will Trent, operates as a Special Agent with the GBI, working to solve crime.

The breed of the dog, Betty, featured in Will Trent is a Chihuahua.