Intel’s initial foray into the Android market has been a rather shy one, with the Orange San DiegoLava Xolo X900 and Lenovo K800 phones looking more like warming up devices for something yet to come. The world’s largest chip maker has been reluctant to detail any of its future Android plans over the past months or so, but we haven’t stopped hoping for something more high-end-ish from the Santa Clara-based tech giant.

Our prayers seem to have been finally answered, and we should be gearing up for the unveiling of a new Medfield-powered phone. At least that’s what we can assume from a pretty cryptic invitation sent by Motorola to a September 18 event set to take place in London.

The invite has the Intel logo next to Moto’s at the top and asks us to let Motorola take us “to the edge”. We are also asked to join “Motorola Mobility for an exciting announcement”, so it’s pretty obvious we will be dealing with the presentation of a new gadget.

Now all we have to find out is what kind of a device Moto will have on show. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to help us in this guessing game, the latest rumor about a Motorola-Intel smartphone dating from way back March.

Droid Turbo

At the time, we picked up a leaked photo of a mysterious Razr-looking phone with Kevlar backing and an HD rear-facing camera, which some said will be called the “Blade”. A different render of the supposedly exact same gadget leaked in February, but that was most likely a very early pre-production unit, a fake or a device that was left in the dust.

I personally love the “Blade” name, so I hope that Motorola won’t ditch that branding, but it’s surely too early to talk about anything else in or on the phone. Fortunately, September 18 is not that far away, so let’s just wait and see.

Motorola will be rather busy before the London unveiling, with another exciting event taking place on September 5 in New York City. Google’s subsidiary and Verizon are expected to have something big up their sleeves, most rumors pointing towards the release of a Droid Razr HD high-end phone.

All eyes should be peeled on Moto therefore, but also on our website, where you’ll be able to find out everything about the two events and what will they bring new to the tech world. Anyone craving for a sharp new Blade? How about the Razr HD?