Ever since Apple unveiled the company’s first “affordable” tablet, the iPad mini, all everyone could think about is if it will blend or not.

After all, who cared if the 7.9-incher held its own better than the Nexus 7 in our already traditional drop test? Or if its screen was going to be brighter and more capable than those of Google’s and Amazon’s new 7-inchers?

All that is irrelevant and of far less importance than a gadget’s blending abilities. I mean, how many times in your tab’s life will you actually need that extra sturdiness or the display’s higher contrast? Very rarely, right?

And how vital it’ll be to know that if you load up your $500 Blendtec blender with your iPad mini and power it up, the tab will turn into a nice pile of dust in no time? Extremely!

Fortunately, the excruciating wait is finally over, and it’s time to let Tom Dickson, our favorite demolition man, take over and provide the oh-so-needed answers. Will the iPad mini, Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD blend? Tune in to the clip below and find out.

Warning: This is not a video for those of feeble spirit or faint-hearted! Not only will the three tabs be pulverized (oops, spoiler alert), but they’ll also be slammed and broken in half. Don’t worry though, because everything happens for the higher purpose of science.

Just kidding. Everything doesn’t happen for a reason, and these three gadgets are pointlessly and senselessly destroyed. Still, can you deny yourselves the guilty pleasure of watching?

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