Every tablet really wants to be the iPad 2 Killer and take the throne away from Apple’s golden boy. A lot of companies have boasted that their product will be the one to take away Apple’s top spot. A lot of it is pure hype, and with what little we know about the long rumored Amazon tablet(s), this may be the one to finally do it. The tablet itself is shrouded in mystery, but is still making big waves despite the lack of information.

Still, it may all end up like the HP TouchPad. HP may have ended up failing in the business department, but all of the critics were saying that it was the closest to delivering the iPad 2 experience. With its rather messy termination and subsequent fire sale, it did point out that being almost like the iPad isn’t going to ensure you success.

Amazon has already had some success in the portable device line with its popular Kindle e-book reader. It seems as though the company is hoping to copy the formula they used for their earlier product.

Amazon has recently registered the domain names KindleScribe.com and KindleScribes.com. That’s a sure sign that something significant is coming – at least may be a variation of the Kindle, although no news about that has been officially confirmed yet.Some analysts say that this points to the upcoming Amazon tablet release later this year, which will boast Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 3 CPUs.
With the TouchPad down for the count and the legion of Honeycomb tablets seemingly ineffective against the Apple juggernaut, will Amazon’s tablet do the impossible? Let’s see later this year.

Source: Gizmocrunch

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