With the recent talk of Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, people seem scared of a recent bill that the U.S Government could pass. The “Stop Online Piracy Act” could be beneficial in some ways to stop pirated goods distribution, however it could hurt major global websites.

Mozilla, WordPress, and many others join the fight to stop the negative aspects of the bill such as censorship of freedom of expression and resource shutdowns.

In protest, Wikipedia will be shutting down its English website for 24 hours on Wednesday, January 18, including the mobile redirect. However, if you are in need of easy information on the go, we have a few mobile optimized alternatives for you.

Encyclopedia Britannica Mobile

I personally find this as a great source for information. The Encyclopedia Britannica website has all of the information found on the hard book.

It is especially great for students, because it is considered a reliable source, since it is essentially a digital format of the book copy. However the only downside is that in order to receive full information on a topic, a fee of $69.95 per year is required.

This may sound like a lot, but it is cheaper than buying the hard book encyclopedia collection, plus it is easier to access. On the mobile format, only basic information may be found. Premium access is not yet allowed for the mobile website.

Urban Dictionary Mobile

I have to admit, that this is proabaly the worst source for school or work related projects. But, to have a laugh sometimes Urban Dictionary is needed.

This website is more of amusement than it is fact. There are some cruel jokes about certain topics, more notably celebrities, however it does pass the time and give you a wide aspect on peoples views and arguments.

Wikipedia (Non-English Website + Google Translator Mobile)

Yes, this might be what some people were thinking. Why not just translate pages? You could do this, but is it really worth it?

It seems like much of the technical population relies on Wikipedia too much for sourcing and even though it has valuable information a lot of it is actually not written by professors and scholars.

There are also many applications on the Android Market that will help you with the factual side of things as well.

What do you think of Wikipedia’s decision to shut down for 25 hours? What would happen if the website would suddenly disappear? I would love to hear your comments and please list some other sources you find useful on your Android device.

Will G.
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