Another security hole has been made public that affected a number of HTC handsets, including the Thunderbolt and a few other higher end HTC devices. The issue was first discovered last September, and was then patched in most of the handsets through OTA updates without any of you knowing. The vulnerability had to do with the way some of their handsets connect securely to WiFi networks, potentially leaving your password available for apps to read.

A list – from what we can tell – of devices that have already been updated is not available at this time. HTC has asked that we all check back next week to see whether or not your phone has already been fixed or if you need to manually patch your phone yourself. So look forward to us letting you know next week which phones need to be manually patched so we can keep your security in tact.

If you’re to worried about this security hole a custom ROM should be able to patch it for now.