We’ve been closely following the best forthcoming tablets for 2011, but none have really excited us the same way the Motorola Xoom has. The Xoom has quickly risen to the top of the Android tablet food chain, and it’s looking like the one to beat in 2011. We believe the Xoom will be a runaway success in 2011. We’ve already gone onto say that the Motorola Xoom is a big deal. Below, you will find our top reasons why.

We’ve gone on to list the reason why the Motorola Xoom will likely be a success:

  • A slick, modern user interface
  • The Xoom is the first Android Tablet to get Honeycomb, and it looks amazing. Check out our full review of Honeycomb here.
  • The 1200×800 resolution screen will really make videos, text, images and web browsing ‘pop’
  • Easy, intuitive tabbed browsing
  • Flash support with hardware acceleration
  • Dual core, higher display resolution than competitors
  • Beautiful design: no hardware buttons
  • A wide range of stock apps designed especially for tablets: pictures, email, maps, contacts, documents, YouTube, Video Chat
  • Convenience: HDMI output, SD card, USB Slot

It’s the first Honeycomb tablet

Android fans have been eagerly awaiting a tablet with Android 3.0 Honeycomb, and this plays heavily into the Xoom’s favor. Devices on Android 2.3 will feel obsolete in comparison.

It’s designed with the future in mind

The Xoom is upgradeable to 4G and has a dual-core processor and a 10.1″ screen with 1200×800 resolution. If tablets are the future of computing, then Motorola has designed a device that can meet tomorrow’s mobile computing needs.

The Xoom certainly is guaranteed to impress. Performance is responsive thanks to Dual Core NVidia Tegra 2 being on board. The panel is capacitive and supports multi touch, which will certainly prove useful. The Xoom also houses an accelerometer, a proximity sensor and a light sensor. If you’re looking for a multi-media device, the Xoom is going to excel in this department too, with two cameras of 2 and 5 mega pixel quality as well as superb high definition video capture.

The Motorola Xoom is one of the more exciting tablet devices to hit the market, and the excellent platform along with the great screen should ensure it holds its own against the more established brands in the Tablet space.

Does it deserve your hard earned dollars in 2011?

Darcy LaCouvee
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