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Why Samsung holds the lion's share of the smartphone market

Why does Samsung own the lion's share of the smartphone market? Because it operates with a constant sense of danger all the time.
March 31, 2013
Img Source: Flickr:iam_photo
Have you ever wondered how Samsung got to where it is today? A few years ago, it barely had any presence at all in the worldwide smartphone market. In fact, its very first smartphone was a huge flop. But it slowly rose to become not only one of the biggest names in the mobile industry, but also in the consumer electronics and technology industry in general. What exactly went on in the last few years that contributed to Samsung’s success?

The story of Samsung’s seemingly meteoric rise to become smartphone market king apparently began nearly 30 years ago, when Lee Kun Hee, the son of Samsung founder Lee Byung Chull, took over to become the company’s new chairman and proceeded to take on the entire world. This is according to a recently published Bloomberg Businessweek cover story that centers on the way Samsung does business and how it managed to perform moves that landed it on the number one spot in smartphones.

The story talks about a lot of things — including the possibility of a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini launch happening very soon — but perhaps the most interesting bit is the part where it is revealed that Samsung is operating with a constant sense of danger all around. Samsung mobile marketing chief DJ Lee was quoted as saying, “The chairman is saying all the time, ‘This is perpetual crisis. We are in danger. We are in jeopardy.’”

For Samsung employees, that must make things very stressful. But it should be just as worrisome for Samsung’s main competitors, because it’s a clear indication that the company is not going to slow down and rest on its laurels any time soon.

To read the rest of the insightful cover story on Samsung and its current reign in the smartphone market, check out the source link posted below.