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As an endless consumer of the latest mobile technology, I’m both privileged and cursed to experience the latest and greatest, generally before most people in the world get to. Ah, but before you start cursing me – please consider the affliction with which I am cursed. I have a confession to make.

As a power user of mobile technology, I like to see how far I can push the limits of what my devices can do. Only upon spilling coffee all over my computer did I realize how much work I could actually get done on my Note 2 and Nexus 10.

So what is my curse? I’m hooked on big ass phones.


The AMOLED panel on the S4 [right] is the best in the world. It will be brought to the Note 3, in a larger form.

The Galaxy S4’s display is, beyond the shadow of any doubt, the best AMOLED display ever made. Some say it’s the best mobile display created, ever. While both assertions remain in the realm of personal opinion, there’s no doubt that Samsung continues to hold the crown in this particular category, and at last count, dominates over 90% of all AMOLED panel sales, worldwide.

So why did I return my Galaxy S4? A reasonable question, dear reader. Let’s see why.

Hooked on that thin Bezel, baby


Folks, screen real estate and pixel density are like smoking addictive drugs. Once you get a taste it’s very difficult to go back to the ‘weaker’ stuff.

But poor and credibility damaging analogies aside, I really wanted to love the S4. I tried so desperately to feel an attraction to it, partly because that’s what we are as consumers of mobile technology – always looking for the next best thing. Innovation and the relentless pursuit of ever improved technologies are what drives consumerism as both a culture, and a practice. And it’s all fine. Change is good, and, if you consider the top tier phones of yesteryear, then you will undoubtedly realize that we have come so far in such a short time.

Some still very excellent handsets from yesteryear

Some still very excellent handsets from yesteryear

For me, the Galaxy Note 2 scratches a special itch. When I leave my computer, I feel guilty. I think, “Oh, I won’t be able to get any work done.” But then I let my fingers grace over my left pocket and I feel that good old familiar strong, rectangular shape, and I am comforted that I have a device that works as hard as I do, and one that can take a licking, too. It remains as the only device that I’ve been able to drop, both in the video below, and in my actual life that has been able to sustain the savage abuse I subject my devices to. Sorry folks, I can’t help it.

Maybe it’s because I’ve seen what happens when devices are dropped that my perspective is a bit altered. The bottom line is this – my lust for a new device will not be vanquished until I have the Galaxy Note 3 in my hands. I think there’s a special kind of geek out there that can appreciate what I’m laying down. You are among friends, Note 2 lover. You’re reading the words of one right now. You have those that value style and aesthetics. You have those that value simplicity and build quality. And then you have power users that simply demand more.


The only caveat I have about the Galaxy Note 2, and devices in its class, are when you truly only have access to one hand. For me, this problem is quite limited, because I don’t use my device in a passive fashion. I dominate them, control them, and make them do my bidding. This requires two hands, more or less. I am a creator of information, not a passive, swip and swipe consumer.

I'm super hooked on thin bezels, bro. Loving me LG's Optimus G Pro

I’m super hooked on thin bezels, bro. Loving me LG’s Optimus G Pro

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. We live in exciting times. Competition has never been as fierce between manufacturers. While much of the market is controlled by the two major players Samsung and Apple, there remains opportunities for those that can strike the right balance of excellent build quality, the latest technology, and by aggressively pricing their devices.

Cheers, guys, and thanks for reading Android Authority. We work around the clock to serve you, mobile device lover! Bring on the Note 3! How about you? Love your Nexus 4? iPhone 5? HTC One? What’s the perfect size for you? What is the single most important thing that stands out for you when you choose your device? You know what to do below!

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