At the University of San Francisco there is a man who spends his working days teaching students App Inventor. Not only is Professor David Wolber quite the app fan, he’s teaching everyone about App Inventor which was released last year to great acclaim and currently in beta. So much so he actually wrote a book titled App Inventor that teaches how to utilize it to its fullest and create great apps even without a background in coding.

App Inventor book

A fresh new interview of his is out at O’Reilly Radar and below are a few juicy experts. For starters, his reason why App Inventor is the ideal platform for newbies and experts alike goes:

“I’ve taught beginning programming for years and there are a lot of smart, creative students who get bogged down with the syntax and cryptic error messages you get when you type in code. They come to computer science excited about technology and immediately face these weird, frustrating mechanics.

With App Inventor, beginners can build really cool apps within hours. Instead of typing code, you plug puzzle pieces together. They only fit together if they’re supposed to. Instead of remembering and typing commands, you choose from the high-level functions (puzzle pieces) provided. And your first programs aren’t printing ‘hello world’ on the screen — they’re reading the GPS sensor or sending a text to a group of friends.”

Later on Professor Wolber confesses his entrepreneurial urges based around app inventor—a “prototyping and mobile app company” whose core service is factory line production of various apps “within hours.”

Prof David Wolber

And now for a little mush:

“The app that surprised me most was one a man made to propose to his girlfriend. She’s a Harry Potter fan, so he made it seem like a Harry Potter quiz with videos and images he clipped in. She had no idea it was a “personal” app, until the last question was “will you marry me?” with their favorite song playing. I liked it because it illustrates a key to App Inventor: you can build apps with very personal utility.”

The interview is a great introduction to App Inventor and comes highly recommended for the app-fixated out there. Just open the source link down south for the whole reveal.

Via: O’Reilly Radar