With the black Nexus 4 so hard to procure across the globe, I’m sure that most of you would be happy just to be able to get their hands on the most desired handheld right now. But what if I were to tell you that a white version of the 4.7-incher is also in the works and coming soon? Would that make you want to wait it out some more?

The existence of a white Nexus 4 has been speculated for a while, but until today there’s been no conclusive proof backing that out. The first piece of evidence comes from Carphone Warehouse, and, while it looks pretty solid, it raises some questions.

If you go to the UK retailer’s dedicated Nexus 4 page, the first thing you’ll notice is an image of a regular Nexus 4 in black. Nothing spectacular so far, but if you scroll down, you’ll see a color options section that has both a black and a white circle thingy.

If you select the white however, the black Nexus 4 simply vanishes and is replaced with nothing. One can therefore think that the listing of the white option is just a technical error, but if that’s the case wouldn’t Carphone Warehouse have had enough time to make things right already? And if it’s not a mishap, why aren’t there more details?

To make matters even more confusing, just as I was writing this up I bumped into a supposed leaked photo of the white Nexus 4 on Android4fans. We have no way to know if the pic is legit, but its blurriness and the fact that it came via an “anonymous tipster” makes us think that it’s not the real deal.

That’s just speculation though and the only way to know something for sure is wait and hear from Google. Do you guys think that a white Nexus 4 is coming? Will it look like in the image above (only, you know, less blurry)? And most importantly, would you pass on the black version for this model?

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