It appears that Google is slowly releasing accessories for their flagship Nexus 4. As you know, Google is currently offering a wireless charging orb and a black bumper for the device. Google initially released the black bumper last year while the charging orb was released last month. Up until today, there was no physical proof that any other official accessories existed. However, a white Nexus 4 bumper has actually been spotted in a Canadian store, sitting along side the device itself.

The bumper was spotted in a Videotron store in Montreal, Canada. Everything appears to be official as the packaging is identical to the traditional black one. It is selling for the exact same price of $19.99 so everything seems legitimate. It has not yet appeared on the Google Play Store and we are unsure if it ever will. It does arrive for those in Canada at a convenient time due to the fact that the black bumper is sold out on the Google Play Store again.

Unfortunately, Google has a bad history of letting products slip out into retail stores without stocking them in their own online store first. Hopefully we won’t see these bumpers being sold for an inflated price like we saw with Google Nexus 7 docking stations.

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