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White Moto X and profile shot shown in new renders; FCC says 2200mAh battery on board

New Moto X images as well as details about the phone's battery have been posted online by a known source of leaked mobile-related information. Read on for more details!
July 21, 2013
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A Twitter account known for the almost-always accurate mobile-related details revealed ahead of their time has posted new Moto X images, showing the handset’s profile and an alleged press image of white version, but also details about the battery of the smartphone.

New pics

In the images below, you can see the white Moto X version of the handset, which is similar to the black version posted by the same @evleaks the other day. While we still have to wait for the August 1 New York-based Moto X press event to have these images confirmed, the device in them is pretty similar to the handset spotted in the hands of Eric Schmidt or in the leaked Rogers video.

Moto X
Purported Moto X press image | Image credit @evleaks

A profile image of the black Moto X has also been offered by @evleaks (see below), suggesting that the handset will be rather slim, at least its bottom side, and have a curved back.

As you can see, the leaked Moto X press renders show the handset only in white and black, which are supposedly the standard version models that carriers will get. That’s what a report said a while ago, and a detail the Rogers video seemed to confirm.

We’ll most likely see the handset available in a variety of colors when ordered directly from Motorola / Google.

That Moto X battery

Considering the shape of the Moto X’s profile, we can only wonder what battery it will pack, and whether it will be user-replaceable. @evleaks helps again, saying that the device will have a 2200mAh “internal/non-removable battery,” “as tested for FCC certification.

That’s pretty much in line with what we’ve heard from an independent source, and with what Android Police has learned from its own sources. It will certainly interesting to see what battery life will be like on a device that’s supposed to always listen for the user’s verbal commands.

Moto X
Purported Moto X press image | Image credit @evleaks

Moreover, considering that the Moto X will be customizable, it would be a logical assumption to make that buyers will be able to change the appearance of their device by ordering new cases for the handset. That would mean that they would be able to easily remove the back case, which would give them access to the battery. In such a scenario, the battery should also be easy to replace, if it were removable.

However, it’s not clear how Moto X customization would work and we’re only speculating on the matter at this point, so we’ll wait for Google to make everything clear in a few weeks.