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White HTC Butterfly gets 400,000 pre-orders in one day in China

The Chinese have shown how much they love white smart phones. In just one day, the white HTC Butterfly received over 400,000 pre-orders.
January 23, 2013
htc butterfly
It’s become apropos in recent years for devices to get a second release in new colors. They have done it with the Samsung Galaxy S 3, the Note 2, and most HTC devices get a second release in a new color. The HTC Butterfly is no different as it’s getting released in white in China.

In most cases, these second releases don’t get the results the first release gets. China seems determined to end this trend as the white HTC Butterfly amassed 400,000 pre-orders in just 24 hours. The device is set to release tomorrow and they’ve already sold about half a million of them. That’s not bad.

The device is almost exactly the same as its black sibling. Both HTC Butterfly devices are very similar to their Droid DNA cousin on Verizon. Unwired View’s Vlad Bobleanta states that the HTC Butterfly has a waterproof screen, no LTE support, and no wireless charging. However, the important stuff is still the same.

Is the white HTC Butterfly a sign that other variants will get a white version?

With the HTC Butterfly coming out in white, it might be paving the way for the other devices. So the HTC Butterfly J, Japan’s variant, and the Droid DNA could see white versions in the future. If HTC is planning on this, they haven’t said so. If you’re looking for the white variant of those devices, then you may be waiting awhile.

In addition to the white HTC Butterfly, HTC will be releasing a remote accessory with it. It’s pretty nifty and helps add to the functionality. It does a few basic things like send text messages or capture photos. However, it’s greatest feature is that it’ll make the phone ring if you lose it. That could be very useful.

Would getting a white variant of the Droid DNA or the Butterfly J get the same reception as it did in China? Or is this an anomaly?