When people think of government, particularly American, we tend to think of slow paced bureaucracy and “paper-and-pen” processes. While this is still inherently true, the current administration is seeking to change the face of government into one which is more agile and adapts quicker to 21st Century needs. Clearly, it is seeking a more embedded and engaged experience between citizen and government.

The best it has seen to go about doing this is to make itself more available through the avenues that average citizens use. These are primarily tools like apps and devices which we utilize to get our sources of news and entertainment. So the White House has released its own app on iOS, mobile web, and Android. In an effort to remain vigil in their efforts, they’ve also sourced the projects on Github.

Obama Android application

The White House had a few words to say about this tech-glory at hand:

“First, we revamped the mobile version of WhiteHouse.gov, giving it a new look and making more than 99% of the site available to mobile users. We’ve also released new versions of the White House apps for the iPhone and Android, rebuilding them from the ground up and adding several new features. For the first time, these apps are also fully compatible with the iPad and Android tablets.”

All in all, it appears as if the affordability of devices in the US market may come down, and this is key to the White House’s success. More latest model devices in people’s hands can only be a good thing for rapid development of the project. But the recent win by Apple to monopolize the US device market and the murky ignorance in Congress towards emergent technologies are issues that must be confronted first.