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With over a billion monthly active users on board, it is no surprise WhatsApp is getting funner. But this is not only due to its rich user base, the app itself keeps getting improvements. Not to mention the fact that it is now completely free.

What’s next? Well, we know video calls may be in the works, but today the Facebook-owned application is also getting a new set of emojis for your entertainment.


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Screenshot_20160211-000623There’s plenty of new additions; my favorite is definitely the middle finger one (yes, there is one). You can also use an upside-down face, a popcorn box, an urn, religious icons and much, much more. Emojis are kind of important for communication, aren’t they? It’s definitely nice to see more options around.

Of course, the only feasible way to explore these new emojis is to get the update (version 2.12.441) and check them out yourself. The only problem is some of you may not have the update available yet. These tend to roll out in phases, but you can always check out the Google Play Store to see if your device is ready for some emoji goodness. If not, it should come in a few days… or so. Or you can download the APK from the link below!

But tell us – which is your favorite new emoji? Is it the “bird”, too?

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