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WhatsApp for Android beta APK adds Holo user interface for all

WhatsApp for Android has been updated to use the Holo theme in its UI as part of a new beta version that's available for download on the official web site.
February 15, 2013

Ever had a problem with certain apps not looking like the rest of the operating system they are installed on? Some apps are notorious for this, looking like they were released for much older versions of Android with the developers not bothering to update them at all. Well, as of today, popular messaging app WhatsApp no longer belongs to this category, because, as part of its latest beta, the user interface has finally been updated to use the much-vaunted Android Holo theme.

So now when you use WhatsApp, you will be greeted by a familiar user interface, one that’s already in use in many of today’s most popular Android-powered devices, as well as older ones that have already been updated to the most recent versions of the Android operating system. It may not be as colorful as some people may like, but the idea is to make the user interface match the rest of a user’s phone or tablet, provided that it is already using the Holo theme.

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If you want to get the latest version of WhatsApp on your device right now, your only option is to download the beta APK on the official WhatsApp web site. It’s a sub-9MB download that should be done within minutes – if not seconds – and is still free. Users can enjoy using the app without paying the $0.99 yearly subscription charge for an entire year. Make your way to the source link below to download it now.