The ‘quietly brilliant’ HTC has recently made known that they will be conducting a press affair in the UK this coming 12th of April. We really don’t know exactly the main reason why they will be having a press event, but we do have a few hints. They sent invites saying “Join us to see what’s next.” HTC’s 2011 lineup seems very promising, and we expect them to have some great news for us on April 12. Also, the theme of the invite looks like metallic liquid. Does this convey anything about what will happen or what will be revealed during the press event? Quite interesting, isn’t it?

We have heard hearsay that it might be the debut of the HTC Pyramid which is a highly anticipated, and high-end T-mobile smartphone. Other rumors says that it could be the European version of the HTC Evo 3D wherein it was publicized for Sprint just last week. Moreover, HTC is expected to broadcast the introduction of new Android tablets that would be running  sweet Android 3.0 Honeycomb goodness, which will differentiate them from the smaller 7 inch, Android 2.4 HTC Flyer / HTC EVO View. As of this moment we really can’t be certain what to expect for April 12th. We will just have to sit idly by and wait.

Thoughts, hopes, dreams?

What do you think? Any speculations?