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What's in the new Google Play Store? More than just PayPal support!

PayPal support may be the new Play Store's most acclaimed feature, but there is more to love about the new version. Let's take a look at all the changes.
May 15, 2014
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Google’s new update was all the rage this morning. The ability to pay for apps and other Google Play content via PayPal has been long requested, making today’s improvements as amazing as a frosty lemonade in the desert. We now know there is much more to this upgrade than meets the eye, though.

The latest Google Play Store version is labeled as 4.8.19 and weighs a reasonable 6.85 MB. This version has already started rolling out to devices all over the world, but most of us continue to wait for it. It might take some time before it reaches our devices, so let’s go over the other improvements and see what this upgrade is all about. You can always download the APK file from the link at the bottom of the page if you decide you can no longer live without it.


Additional Information section added

Finding an app’s extra details is a little hard on your smartphone. Unlike the web version, information like the content rating and file size is nowhere to be found. This changes with today’s Play Store update, which adds the Additional Information section to the bottom of apps’ pages.

Simplified Headers

This is one of the first changes you will notice in the new Google Play Store app. Colorful headers can be a bit overpowering, aesthetically. Google has improved the Play Store by cleaning up pages with transparent headers. This makes for a much sleeker and clean look.

This improvement also makes images smaller, as the transparent headers can easily be overlaid on top of cover art. In addition, the bar is no longer persistent persistent – it disappears as you scroll down.


Permissions are so easy to read now!

App permissions have been simplified and will now only display categories, instead of giving you all the details in a pop-up window. Users can choose to tap on said categories and get more information, if they so choose to.

Buttons take a growth pill

Did you notice the “Update All” and “Install” buttons being a little more noticeable? That is because these have grown in the latest Play Store version. Not a huge deal, but a fun fact to be noted.


Now that you know what’s on the other side, you can either wait for your upgrade or you could just download the handy APK file and install it yourself!

I am already using this update and everything works just as expected. Even the PayPal feature! Which, by the way, is reported not to be working for everyone. Have you tested it yet?