Google Code just recently announced that Google I/O 2012 is scheduled for April 24-25 and will again be held at the Moscone Center West. For four years now, developers from budding programmers to veteran enterprise CIOs, have been flocking to San Francisco to attend this annual two-day conference. One of its notable features is an agenda filled with highly technical and comprehensive sessions that revolve around technologies developed by the search engine giant for applications in the web, mobile, and enterprise fields.

Since the first one was held in 2008, tickets for Google I/O seem to be selling hotter every time. In 2009, it took 90 days for the registration to be filled. The year after that, the tickets were sold out in 50 days.  This year they were all gone in an hour. This is not really surprising.

If anything, this trend almost mirrors how the Android platform’s popularity has been growing in leaps and bounds. As early as now, you can almost feel how programmers of every type across the Internet are crouching; ready to pounce once the online registration opens.

Whether it is openly admitted or not, one of the main questions running through everybody’s mind is the one that forms the title of this article. Of course you want to know about the latest possibilities for the Google App Engine but what shiny new gizmos will they be giving away next year. The I/O in the conference title stands for “Innovation in the Open” and this is the event where Google usually makes big introductions or in-depth previews of its major upcoming products and services.

This year’s conference was about the latest developments in Android and Google Chrome OS. Accordingly, everyone who was there last May got a limited edition Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, a month before the tablet was actually released to the public. Free Chromebooks were also given away.

So will those lucky enough to get in next year be taking home Nexus Primes? Well by then, the smart phone would be around 6 months old. There are reports of a future version of the Android platform in the works, temporarily called Jelly Bean. What the features of this future innovation will be is anybody’s guess. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to say however that whatever fantastic devices are going to be given away in Google I/O 2012, one of them is likely going to be running on this prospective iteration of the Android platform.

Via googlecode