Google I/O 2011 is going to absolutely rock the world of Android, and we’re going to be their, live-blogging as it all goes down! Google is arguably the world’s most important information company, and with thousands of genius developer minds in attendance, it’s really exciting to think what will be coming fresh out the gate shortly thereafter. We all have so much to look for from Google, as it continues to extend its influence in Android smartphones, Android Honeycomb tablets, televisions with Google TV,  and finally laptops with Chrome OS.  Google I/O should be packed to the absolute brim with awesome news for Android fans. Here’s what we think is going to go down at Google I/O, a two-day conference that begins May 10:

Android Ice Cream (Sandwich)

For many lonely months, we’ve known that Google’s next Android version will merge the best of smartphones and tablets into one cohesive operating system. Most tech sites have simply covered what this version will be called. Either way, we expect some great things from the big G.

Google I/O will have all the answers on what is looking to be the most significant Android update to date. Former Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt has also publicly stated that each new software release will be “accompanied by a hardware component,” so it’s looking like we might just see the rumored dual core Nexus, or maybe even the famed Nexus tablet.

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Google TV

While we don’t expect huge things to happen in terms of Google TV at the conference, we do expect to learn of some significant developments on the soon to come Internet television platform. GigaOM has reported that Google will provide us with an opportunity to see what Google TV 2.0 will look like. We suspect it will be running a modified version of Android 3.0 Honeycomb, but won’t be made publicly available until a later date, most likely sometime later this year.

Until now, Google TV’s adoption has been hampered by broadcast companies’ websites blocking it, and a lack of a cohesive platform, among other things. With so many companies out of China producing cheap set top Android 2.0+ TV boxes, and with ARM support in the wings, we can patiently wait for the day when Android Apps and Android’s great functionality come to our living rooms, homes, and cars.

Google Music

There have been numerous reports that Google has been secretly testing a service with Cloud server sync facilities. Google wants to create a sort of music locker service that will let users store their “existing” music libraries on to their cloud servers. That means in case you update your smartphone, lose it, or it needs to be formatted, the music on the phone is safely tucked away on the cloud servers. There are also rumors that Google plans of bringing the service along with four top recording labels. Whatever Google Music is, it is certainly coming, and we can surely expect it in the next version of the Android OS.

So much to look forward to. What would you like to see from the latest version of Android?

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Stay tuned!

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