Everyone seems to be impressed by just how powerful Tegra 3 really is. But it’s not just regular people like us, but also game developers and other type of developers that seem to be impressed with it as well. And what’s not to like when you have the first 4 quad core Cortex A9 CPU, basically twice as fast as anything out there right now, and also a 12 core GPU (although not with unified shaders – 8 pixel shaders and 4 vertex shaders). Here’s what some of the developers that have been working on games for Tegra 3 have to say about it:

“Thanks to Tegra 3’s quad-core CPUs, Shadowgun looks and plays the best on Tegra. Consumers are going to love the quad-coreShadowgun version – which features rag doll physics, console quality water simulation, particle effects, enhanced shaders, dynamic textures, and more.” 

– Marek Rabas, CEO of Madfinger Games

 “Riptide GP showed how Tegra brought mobile gaming on Android to new heights.  Tegra 3’s quad-core performance has allowed us to add a whole set of exclusive new features — improved water visuals, splash effects, motion blur — that pushes the experience to an entirely new level.”

– Matt Small, Creative Director at Vector Unit

“Working with NVIDIA makes the impossible possible. Our Tegra 3 optimized game DaVinci THD will look brilliant when it comes out, with mind-blowing 3D graphics and intuitive touchscreen interface. DaVinci THD will leverage Tegra 3 for its multi-threading capabilities, so we can scale across all four CPU cores and deliver the ultimate console-quality performance. As a result, DaVinci THD will be more realistic, interactive and challenging than anything we’ve done before.”

– Kijong Kang, VP and Executive Producer at Bridea Corporation

“As we’ve seen on Big Top THD, gaming performance on Tegra 3’s quad-core architecture is unmatched. From the high quality shadows to improved tent animation and high-dive splash effects, Tegra 3’s 12-core GPU delivers the best gaming experience and uses the lowest power you’ll see on a mobile device.”

– Robert Troughton, CEO at Pitbull Studio Ltd.

 “Tegra 3’s quad-cores bring out the best in our Substance smart texturing engine. The CPU and GPU parallel processing allows mobile game developers to add never-seen animated visual effects and textures to their games, translating into an absolutely stunning visual experience on mobile.”

– Sébastien Deguy, CEO and Founder at Allegorithmic

 “Tegra 3’s quad-core processor and 12-core GPU allows developers to port PC and console game titles using BitSquid Tech for the same great experience on any device. From a hard-core gamer’s customized PC to a phone or tablet with Tegra, you’ll get identical game play and buttery smooth graphics, anywhere any time.” 

– Tobias Persson, Co-Founder and Rendering Architect at BitSquid Tech

“We’re excited to bring the definitive version of Siegecraft to Tegra 3.  Its amazing graphics performance and quad-core scaling let us amp up the game to the max – more physics, more units, more Siegecraft!”

– Benjamin Lee, Managing Director at Blowfish Studios

 “Thanks to Tegra 3’s fantastic GPU performance we were able to use the same quality textures in Zombie Driver THD as on the PC. The outstanding quad-core CPU performance makes it possible to support Tegra game development in parallel to other high-end platforms.”

– Pawel Lekki, Chief Operating Officer at Exor Studios

 “Quad-core technology has changed how we approach mobile game development. Tegra 3 helped us create Jett Tailfin Racers THD – an eight-player game with the highest resolution textures, underwater caustics and anisotropic shading we’ve ever seen on a mobile device.”

– Manny Granillo, President at Hoplite Research

 “Mobile gaming is about to take a huge leap forward with Tegra 3. Its GPU gives us access to higher-resolution textures and far better effects. And its four CPUs make Euphoria’s gameplay smoother, more interactive and quality that’s close to a console.”

– Keiichi Yano, Co-Founder and VP of Development at iNiS

 “It’s incredible what Tegra 3’s quad-core architecture bring to mobile gaming. As good as Combat Arms looks on a tablet, it looks 1000 times better when you connect it to your HDTV, strap on game controllers and sit back to enjoy a real 3D console-gaming experience with Combat Arms: Zombies THD.”

– Albert Rim, CEO at Nexon Mobile Corporation

Tegra Zone

One of the smartest things Nvidia has ever done since entering the ARM chip market, was to create a platform for developers to show their games, which is the Tegra Zone store. But Nvidia hasn’t just created the store, they’ve also went out there and tried to convince them to develop games for their latest chips.

I know some might disagree with this, because they think Android games should run on all devices, and they will after a while – no developer will let his game work on just one chip alone – but we have to admit that without Nvidia, Android game developers may not be as willing to take advantage of the latest tech in Android devices, or to come up with mind-blowing games first and foremost for Android.

Benchmark scores don’t give you much besides bragging points. What you should really care about is if you can can actually play some awesome games on that chip the moment it comes out. Nvidia seems to be working hard to make it happen every time one of their new chips is out, and they seem to be gathering more and more developers to make games for them. I can only imagine they will have even more games at the launch of the next gen-chips, like Tegra 4.

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