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What does SMT mean on Instagram?

Dive into our article to master the context and use of this popular acronym.

Published onNovember 30, 2023

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Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Another day, another abbreviation. Today’s social media lingo lesson is on SMT and its multiple meanings on Instagram. Context is important here, as this acronym wears many hats.

What does SMT mean on Instagram?

The abbreviation SMT has taken on a few different meanings on Instagram. With slang and abbreviations constantly evolving across social media platforms, understanding acronyms like SMT can get confusing. So what exactly does SMT stand for on Instagram?

Send me this

The most common meaning of SMT on Instagram is Send me this. Users will comment SMT on posts with a photo or video they want the original poster to send to them directly. For example, if you share a cute photo of your new puppy, a friend might comment SMT to ask you to send them the pic to save on their own phone.

Essentially, commenting SMT is a shorthand way to say I like this post and want you to send it to me personally. It allows Instagram users to easily ask for photos and videos they enjoy without having to write it all out.

Sucking my teeth

While less common on Instagram compared to texting, SMT can also mean sucking my teeth. This slang phrase expresses annoyance, dissatisfaction, or disapproval of something. Posting SMT in response to an Instagram post would signify you don’t like or agree with the content.

The origins of this meaning come from the actual gesture of sucking air through your teeth which makes a hissing sound. On Instagram, SMT translates that gesture into writing.

Smiling to myself

In some contexts, SMT takes on a more positive meaning of smiling to myself. Users may comment SMT as a way to convey they are smiling happily in response to something sweet, funny, or heartfelt. For example, posting a romantic photo with your significant other could warrant comments from friends saying SMT to indicate they are smiling at the cute pic.

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