For a faster banking experience, you can now use your Android powered smartphone or tablet to check your Wells Fargo bank account. Given the fact that this institution has already launched a multi-level mobile banking presence in the market, Android users can now get more from the experience.

“As we looked at making a decision to make our app available at the Amazon Appstore for Android, the key was looking at our customers and figuring out the best way to reach them,” says Wells Fargo’s Internet Services’ Senior Vice President and Head of the Retail Mobile Channel Brian Pearce. “It’s just another way for us to be where our customers are.”

Wells Fargo Mobile is an app that can now be downloaded for free from the Android Market. It is also available on Amazon Appstore, Apple Store, HP App Catalog and BlackBerry App World. To download the app, you can click here.



Christine Torralba
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