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Weekly Plan Spotlight: LG V30 Plus Buy One Get One from Sprint

Pay $38 per month for your first LG V30+, and Sprint will comp you the lease of your second device. After 18 months, buy both or upgrade!
October 17, 2017
We’re back with this week’s Plan Spotlight, and it’s pretty killer. For a limited time, Sprint is running a modified ‘Buy One Get One’ offer that lets you put 0% down and pay $38 per month for your first LG V30+ while receiving a monthly bill credit for your second LG V30+.

Wait what?

Yeah, it’s a bit more complicated than some other Buy One Get One’s that we’ve seen, so you’re going to want to read the fine print to make sure this offer is right for you. Essentially, Sprint isn’t giving you a free phone per se, they’re leasing one to you for a discount and paying the lease of the second one for you.

The lease on both devices lasts for 18 months. Once your lease is up, you will have paid $684 for this $912 device, and Sprint will have paid the same for your second one.

At that point, you got options:

  • trade-in your devices and start new leases on new devices
  • pay off the remaining $229 balance ($912-$684) on each phone and own both devices. The deal is the free lease of the device so only 18 month of payments are covered by Sprint.
  • keep making monthly payments of $38 for both devices and after 6 months you’ll own both devices.

Okay that makes sense now

Glad to hear it! Here are some more fine points you should know, which are pretty boilerplate:

  • requires two new lines of service or one new line and one upgrade
  • both phones need to be purchased on 18-month leases, Sprint Flex
  • well-qualified customers are eligible
  • there are taxes on any device you go with and you’ll have to pay that up front regardless
  • if you cancel your service, the remaining device balance will become due
  • offer ends 11/16/17 while supplies last

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