Following a successful app for iOS, the developers of Met Office have decided to take things to the next level—to Android smartphones and tablets. With the help of the app, Android users are now able to access the latest weather warnings and forecasts on the go.

By simply downloading the app, users get to save the weather information on multiple locations. Considering the app can be accessed 24 hours a day, this is perfect for those who are constantly traveling and are on-the-go.

The developer of the app, Mubaloo, has been in charged with its designs, build and tracking.

“It has been hugely enjoyable and a great privilege to design and develop the new Met Office weather applications. The opportunity to work with the Met Offices’ comprehensive weather data inspired us to produce an accessible and elegant application that we hope will be well received by existing and future app users,” said Mubaloo Account Director Neil Commander.

Apart from providing up-to-date 24 hour weather forecasts to Android users, Met Office also showcases a 5-day weather overview and 3 hourly location forecasts. Users get to choose from the 5000 locations available and set them as their favorite.


Met Office is a free app available to Android smartphone and tablet users. To download the app, click here.


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