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Wear HQ for Android Wear - Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day is Wear HQ for Android Wear. This app shows you Android Wear apps, news, and accessories and it's a must have for Wear owners!
October 6, 2014
Wear HQ review

What is Wear HQ for Android Wear?

Wear HQ for Android Wear is an app that’s dedicated to all things Android Wear. It’s not actually an app that you use on your smartwatch but rather one that’s meant to stick on your phone. It’s free to use with in app purchases and it’s pretty functional.

Here’s how it works. Wear HQ is broken up into four sections. They are Android Wear apps, Android Wear watch faces, Android Wear news, and Android Wear accessories. Using this app you can browse pretty much all of those things. If you select an app or watch face for download, Wear HQ will bounce you over to the Google Play Store to complete the transaction. That’s something we really liked because the Play Store is the most trusted source of apps and that means you know they’re coming from a trusted source.

The news section is more or less an RSS dump. The stories there are written by whatever blog site happened to cap the news. It’s a good little cache and fun to check every now and then but chances are that you’ll find the huge Android Wear news before this app tells you about it. The accessory section will generally take you to a retail site such as Amazon when you click on those options.

Wear HQ for Android Wear screenshot
Pretty much all Android Wear owners should either have or at least be aware of this app. You can find everything in this app on Android blogs (like this one!), Amazon, or the Play Store but it is really nice to have this here. It makes the first few days of owning a Wear device a little easier and the app is frequently updated with new features and new apps.