Can’t find the remote or sunk too deep in the couch to go look for it? Just wave your hand in front of the TV to change the channel. That’s how a television set equipped with gesture recognition technology is operated, and Hisense Group and eyeSight Mobile Technologies are two of the companies working together to make this an everyday occurrence in your living room – and soon. The good news is that this advanced feature is planned to go on Internet-enabled sets that use the Android operating system.

Hisense is one of the major consumer electronics manufacturers in China while eyeSight is a company headquartered in Israel that specializes in developing touch free interfaces. Their collaboration has already born fruit in the Android-based television set called Series XT710, which was released in the Chinese market earlier this October. The XT710 uses a 2D camera or sensor to capture and interpret the various hand movements of the user. Besides allowing you to flip through channels with the flick of the wrist, this smart TV’s gesture recognition feature can also be used to play games and operate other Android applications.

Internet-enabled TV is said to be the next big thing. Just last May, another China-based company came out with a set-top box that runs on the Android operating system. Experts forecast that by 2015, at least half of the upcoming flat-panel televisions will come equipped with web connectivity. The Hisense-eyeSight collaboration signals how electronics manufacturers are in the process of finding more ways to raise the television viewing experience up another notch.

Via talkandroid