Here’s one thing we realized: during CES 2012, there were a lot of waterproof devices unveiled. One of the waterproof devices we found was the Fujitsu smartphone and tablet. But apart from that, HzO is a new company hoping to tap onto the smartphone and tablet market. During the event, Hzo demonstrated their superhydrophobic waterproof coating designed specifically for phones from their technology called HzO Waterblock. Currently, HzO is in talks with Apple to come up with a waterproof iPhone 5. But as for the Android arena, HzO is still unsure who will end up getting a license for the technology.

‘We expect Hzo to be in next season’s phones.’ HzO said.

Samsung is one of the companies that are ‘really excited’ to incorporate the technology onto their future devices. In fact, they are planning to come up with a future line of smartphones using the technology by summer. Unless Apple buys an exclusive license for the technology, then Samsung will have to wait for another opportunity.

Even though there have been several other products that have a hydrophobic treatment, HzO is different because it is not only applied to the exterior casing. Through its technology, the internal parts (including the speaker) is protected.

Ultimately, there will still be some limitations to these phones. One, the phone should not be left submerged underwater for more than an hour. Also, it can only withstand a water depth of 1 meter. But still, it would be helpful if you accidentally get your phone wet.

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