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BBC Watchdog to investigate Samsung Galaxy S4 storage claims

Advertised storage capacity has become a hot topic since it was discovered that the Samsung Galaxy S4 ships with only around 65% of its memory left for users. Now BBC's Watchdog wants to investigate.
May 10, 2013
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Samsung was probably hoping that this contentious issue had died down by now, but BBC’s Watchdog program intends to broadcast an investigation into the available internal memory accessible to Samsung Galaxy S4 owners. If you recall, the 16GB unlocked European model leaves consumers with just 9.5GB of usable storage, and in the US that figure drops to around 8.5GB for those who purchase carrier branded handsets.

For those of you who don’t live in the UK, BBC’s Watchdog is a consumer awareness program, which investigates breaches in consumer purchasing rights and suspicious trading activities. Importantly, the show has a large enough audience to reach out to, and inform, less observant consumers about the “problem”, elevating this from a mild inconvenience to a nationwide reputation issue for Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S4 storage

In Samsung’s defence, it has already responded to consumer concerns, in effect saying that it’s a necessary trade off for all of the extra features that Samsung packs in, and that’s certainly true.

It also seems a little unfair to pick on Samsung, as every every smartphone has to install an OS and software which eats into the total available memory. Everyone is guilty of this; it’s an unavoidable consequence of installing software. Theirs is just unusually cumbersome.

Even so, this is a potentially embarrassing situation for Samsung which could have an impact on UK sales. Do you believe that manufacturers should at least make consumers aware of the maximum memory size vs the actual memory available? Is it misleading to offer 16GB worth of storage only to leave users with just half left for themselves? Tell us what you think.