For those of us with Verizon we are pretty lucky. We already get one of the coolest NFL apps, NFL Mobile, which is exclusive to only Verizon. Now we find out we can watch the Superbowl tonight live on NFL Mobile? Pretty darn sweet. Unfortunately it’s not for all devices, we are sorry about that one.

All 4G LTE customers get NFL Mobile’s Premium Red Zone service that usually costs a few bucks a month for free, but for the Super Bowl everyone with the app will be able to enjoy the game. It will be the first time that the Super Bowl will be officially streamed to mobile devices, a miracle of licensing negotiation as much as a technical achievement. The BIG game will also be streamed from many other sources and sites including NBC’s Sunday Night Football Extra web service, but that requires a subscription. I’m sure there are many other ways you’ll all be watching the big game and we’d love to hear them. For everyone that isn’t on Verizon and doesn’t have NFL Mobile — sorry about that. I wish it was for all Android devices too.

So who’s your pick in the big game tonight? And MVP? Hit up the comments and let us know. I’ve got the Patriots (as always) and probably Tom Brady as MVP again.