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Fans of the massive Star Wars sci-fi franchise love to watch all of the live-action films over and over again (yes, even Solo: A Star Wars Story). But is there a way for you to watch Star Wars movies for free?

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As a matter of fact, there is, if you know how to access them online (legally that is). Here’s how to watch all of the feature films for free.

Watch Star Wars movies for free with Disney Plus account sharing

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Disney Plus is the official home for all things Star Wars, including all of the live-action Star Wars feature films. If you have a family member or friend who has a paid subscription to Disney Plus, you can ask them if they can create a profile on their account. The streaming service supports up to seven individual profiles per account, so it’s likely that your family member or friend can squeeze you in and let you watch the service by sharing their user name and password and accessing the service with your profile.

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While Disney Plus does allow for up to seven profiles per account, there is a limit of four concurrent streams per account. So there may be times where you may not be able to log in if there are four other streams accessing the same account.

Access Disney Plus for “free”

While the company has discontinued its seven-day free trial, you can also access Disney Plus for no additional cost via other methods. The most direct way is to get up to a year of Disney Plus for free by signing up for one of Verizon Wireless’ unlimited mobile plans. However, there are a few other ways to access the service via other wireless plans and special offers.

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Watch Star Wars movies for free via TBS or TNT (when available)

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While Disney Plus is the home of Star Wars via streaming 24/7, most of the Star Wars live-action films are also shown on the TNT and TBS cable networks from time to time. If you have an active cable or satellite TV subscription, you can watch Star Wars movies for free via the TBS or TNT websites, mobile apps, or smart TV apps. Keep in mind that these movies appear and disappear quickly on these networks so you also need to be quick to watch them.

Watch via live internet streaming services

Alternatively, you can access TBS and TNT programming, including their Star Wars movies, via internet-based television services. Many of them include those networks in their plans. Two of them, YouTube TV and Sling TV, offer free trials. That means you can technically sign up for them and watch nearly all the Star Wars movies when they are available in your free trial period.

The only movie not available to watch for free on TNT or TBS is Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker. However, that film should drop on those cable channels before the end of 2021.