It’s that time of year ladies and gentlemen! Samsung’s Galaxy S devices have stolen the show the last few years as the world’s most popular Android phone. We’ve seen the leaks and the rumors. We’ve debated, guessed, postulated, and predicted but all that comes to an end today. At 2PM EST Samsung will officially announce the GS5, and we’ll be here to cover it!

Above you’ll find the video so you can watch the livestream for yourself. You can also join us in the chatbox below to talk about it, and to receive updates as the event progresses. The live blog is especially useful for those that can’t stay tuned to the video for work or whatever reason really. Excited yet? We certainly are!


Joe Hindy
Joe Hindy is known as the 'app guy' around these parts. He also likes to branch out and talk about a variety of other topics from gaming to TV tech, and more.