Here’s something AndroidPit recently shared:

Apparently, Andy Rubin (the founder of Android) was a former employee at Apple. He worked in the company of his biggest rival as their Manufacturing Engineer during the time of 1989-1992. After 11 years, Rubin founded Android. A couple of years later, he became Google’s Senior VP of Mobile.

Even though it was typical for people to bounce between companies, Rubin’s 3-year stint at Apple may be the reason why Steve Jobs felt such an intense hatred for Android. What’s even more interesting is that Steve Jobs was quoted that Android is a ‘stolen piece of software.’ Considering that Rubin used to report to inventors of the same 263 realtime API patent which Apple is suing HTC for, the story becomes more interesting.

Many would assume that Rubin stole the idea for Android from Apple. But at the same time, people would also comment that these companies are always patterning ideas after one another—to the point where the original is no longer identifiable. But either way, it is unrealistic for Rubin to steal Android since the creation of a mobile OS was still a decade away from the time he worked in Apple. Even when comparing the two OS, one can instantly see how different they are from each other. For one thing, Apple is a completely closed unit, while Android is open source. Apple limits user control, while Android gives users root access to theme, overclock, customize and root their OS.


So yes, we don’t think Rubin stole Android. What about you?