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Want Your Android Phone to Look Like Honeycomb for Tablets? Check Out Honeycomb3D!

Like the look and feel of Honeycomb, well then the guys over at XDA might just have the right thing for you
June 23, 2011

Have an Android 2.3 Gingerbread phone, and have it rooted? Want to make it look like Honeycomb? Then we’ve got good news. An awesome new 3D theme has just popped up, dubbed “Honeycomb 3D” Check out the screenshots below, and if you’re feeling adventurous, and want to have a major overhaul of what your Android phone looks like, then follow the simple directions below, and voila – total overhaul! It’ll even work on a rooted Nook tablet too, so it looks like tons more functionality is being extended to an already awesome device!


Honeycomb-3D Theme Chooser theme. For Custom ROMS that include the Theme Chooser APP ONLY!!

  • Now includes Tablet Soft-Button support for Tablet Devices
  • Also, please be aware that this is still in active development

A fully colored, “eye candy” style Honeycomb theme for all Android Cynanogen Mod 7 devices with the new Theme Chooser application. This version incorporates the 3D full color style for status/notification icons.

High-resolution 3D images have been used/redesigned from Honeycomb, Sense, MIUI, UOT, XDA and Google. This themes most of the Android UI and apps, and also some 3rd party apps too. Common application icons are Honeycombized, and there are some cool statusbar and UI animations included.

It was designed for MDPI devices, but seems to work exceptionally well on HDPI too.


  • You Must Have the “Theme Chooser” app on your phone.
  • Your phone must be rooted, with Cynanogen Mod 7 and Theme engine to make this work

To install, first download this theme from the Android Market.

Go to the Theme Chooser app in your app drawer. Select this theme from the menu and apply it. Please Reboot

Please direct your questions to this XDA thread.

Going to be giving this a try? Root + Cynanogen + Honeycomb3D = Happy Android.