We’re potentially weeks (days?) away from seeing Jelly Bean making its way to every Galaxy S3 on the planet. The update pipe has been leaking the Android 4.1 firmware for several variants of the hit phone, such as the international version, T-Mobile’s variant, and possibly more. What we haven’t seen so far is the leaked firmware for Verizon’s Galaxy S3.  Here’s a solution if you don’t mind “getting your jelly on” through unofficial means.

The good devs at XDA have ported the leaked Jelly Bean ROM from T-Mobile’s version of the phone over to the Verizon one. So far, the ROM seems to be working great – save for some minor hiccups, such as some difficulty in locking the GPS and the Gallery app force closing when setting wallpaper from the home screen. There are also reports from those who have installed the ROM that they’re hearing echo during phone calls. But it’s worth it to mention that these problems don’t seem to affect all owners who have braved the port.

The ROM itself has been cooked by remf4i for some extra apps and tweaks. Other features you’ll get include the Camera and Gallery app from Galaxy Note 2, removed Verizon boot animation, and plenty more.

Head to the original thread to get the ROM and full instruction on how to install it for your Galaxy S3.  It should be simple enough for newbies and seasoned users.  As for those who plan to sit this one out and wait for the official Jelly Bean update, kudos for not losing your patience.

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