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Want an Android-powered microwave oven? Here's MAID!

August 7, 2012

Android has surely gone a long way since its 2007 inception, now powering more smartphones and tablets than ever, but the mobile OS’ expansion might well go beyond what anyone over at Google imagined a few years back.

It might not come as a surprise to many when hearing that Android-powered TVs were in pre-production, but we have to admit we never thought we would see the day when household appliances will be powered by Google’s operating system.

Well, as hard as it might be to picture, a little Indian company called SectorQube has unveiled an Android-powered microwave oven, going by the name of MAID. Technical details about the pioneering device are still a bit scarce, but it seems that MAID might enter production by the end of the year.

The “Make All Incredible Dishes” or “Microwave Android Integrated Device” (clever, eh?) is advertised as an appliance that “literally knows how to cook every dish”. Without being able to sneak a peek at some photos of MAID it’s a bit difficult to understand how it will work, but based on the manufacturers’ statements, the device will connect to the Internet (we hope through WiFi) and will be operated by touch and voice commands.

MAID will offer access to more than 50,000 online recipes and will be able to prepare the respective dishes with only a minimum help from you. That means you’ll have to get the ingredients ready based on smart-microwave’s instructions, and then be off to doing your business while your delicious dish is being prepared by your own personal maid. This is, of course, a device meant to make bachelor life so much easier (no more eating French fries and scrambled eggs every day, guys!), but it should also draw the attention of independence-seeking women or couples who simply don’t have time for themselves anymore.

An old American proverb says that a cook is no better than her (or his) stove, so the Android-powered MAID might well increase the number of master chefs among technology enthusiasts. And you can’t be a top chef without making innovations, which is why MAID’s recipe database will be open to propositions and suggestions.

India-based SectorQube, the small company behind MAID’s making, has already announced the future device’s pricing, which is yet another thing that makes us truly believe the microwave will not die as a prototype. MAID should go up for sale in a matter of months for just 7,000-8,000 rupees over in India, which would translate into $125-145. That’s surely not an enormous price to ask for such an innovative device, but we should probably refrain from making such judgments before:

  • actually seeing MAID work
  • finding out what version of Android will it run
  • finding what kind of hardware  it will be powered by

Any top chef wannabees out there who might be tempted to give MAID a try? And is this just a quirky fad, or do you think we will be seeing many other Android-powered microwave ovens, fridges and washing machines following suit?