It’s becoming more and more popular for devices to have a ‘kickstand’, either built in or on a case accessory. A kickstand is normally used to let you rest the phone at an angle on a flat service so you can Skype, GTalk, or watch YouTube videos without having to hold or prop up the phone with something else.

Well, a Korean design company called “Knock of Neverland” have created a multi-purpose phone stand which can ‘duckify’ your phone. As you’ll see in the images, it serves as a keyring, headphone holder, and suction-cup phone stand. It’s absurd, weird, and quirky – That’s exactly why I like it! This $20 item is called the iDuck. It claims to stick to all phones with a relatively large, flat back.

The head of the company “Knock of Neverland” said this about the iDuck:

The duck beak shape is very familiar with us. There are many kinds of duck beak products in the world. But only iDuck can transform your mobile phone into a duck face (You can use the eye stickers in the package).

We think a mobile phone is the most often used device and a necessary gadget to use these days. We want to give them not only convenient functions but also witty accents.

So, is this the sort of outlandish product that interests you, or do you think it’s a step too far?