Taptu originally started as a mobile search company, but has shifted gears recently, and is now producing some very cool apps for Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Claiming to let you “DJ your news” by ‘swipping’ and ‘swapping’ from numerous content channels, industry observers are saying that their quick turnaround, and their ability to get this app to market fast is a strong sign that the bigger, more established app developers are finally starting  to take Android tablets more seriously, despite the sales not really taking off – yet.

Still, this bodes really well for all Honeycomb watchers, as it means tons of great apps are in the pipe to fill the void that is currently the app specific Android market.

While this particular app has been available for the iPad for some time, it comes to Honeycomb with even more features. What does it have that makes it special, you might ask? Well, for one, there are now more themes that allow the app to be optimized for light and dark situation, and make it better suited for night and day reading.

Taptu is a news reader on steroids – simply put. It has a cool feature called ‘Instapaper’ that enables you to save articles to read later, as well as a full screen reading mode.

The development company behind it claims they built the app from scratch to take full advantage of Android 3.0’s tablet-friendly features. As we know, competition between mobile news reader apps is starting to heat up in a big way, especially for tablets as they are so good at offering a great experience for this type of thing.

Obviously, these innovations among others make Taptu a strong contender for best newsreader on Honeycomb, and will likely be competing directly with famed Honeycomb newsreader extraordinaire: Pulse. Thankfully, competition is always a good thing, and Honeycomb needs the attention of the more established developers in a big way. Still, the sales numbers we are all currently reading about are not indicative of where Honeycomb will be in a very short period. With so many incredible Android Honeycomb Tablets coming out, there will be tens of millions in the hands of eager consumers very soon.

In my testing of this particular app, I found it to be highly satisfying. It takes news reading to a deeper level, and is very responsive and interactive. Being able to combine multiple news sources makes it easy to find the best content, constantly. The app also does a fantastic job of recommending news stories relevant to what you are reading.

According to Venturebeat, Taptu CEO Mitch Lazar said  “the company was approaching news reading as a search problem.”

Honeycomb is looking better and better every day – and we’re just getting started!

Download it here!

Darcy LaCouvee
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