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Wallpaper Wizardrii: Taking full control of wallpaper management on Android

March 17, 2012

So, you found this really cool HD wallpaper. Or, you took a nice picture of your pet or loved one. Now you want to use it as wallpaper for your Android phone, but you couldn’t care any less about pixels and screen resolution sizes. There’s an app that lets you take any image you want and does the dirty work of resizing and scaling it so it matches your device’s screen resolution seamlessly. With just a few taps, you get instant customized wallpaper.

The Wallpaper Wizardrii app is indeed changing the way you set and customize wallpapers on your Android device. If you’re someone very particular with personalizing your display, you’ll find this app to be of great use.

Hassle-free Customization

The app’s biggest asset so far is that it allows you to take virtually any image you want and scales it for you so you can apply it as wallpaper. Worried that it’s not the right size? Wallpaper Wizardrii will take care of it for you. The app can’t take small images and enlarge them without the images’ becoming pixelated, though, so it’s best to use an image with a bigger size and resolution.

Myriad Options

Appealing to both the average mobile device user who just wants to get it done and to the hardcore customization enthusiast who wants to tweak and fine-tune settings, the app offers a variety of options, including:

  • Crop Exact — Crops the image with horizontal and vertical control of the crop. The image will be displayed the same way it is being displayed within the app.
  • Crop Landscape — Crops the image with proportional landscape orientation.
  • Crop Portrait — Crops the image with proportional portrait orientation.
  • Scale — Allows you to expand or shrink any image to fit best within the display.
  • Solid Color — Sets only the background color selected from the main window as wallpaper.

Note: The No Scroll option is not compatible with all Home apps. LauncherPro and ADW work well. Scroll works with all Home apps, though.

After you’ve applied the settings, you can easily save your image and apply a few more tweaks. Now your very own personalized wallpaper is all set.

Use this app for tweaking your wallpaper displays.  Download Wallpaper Wizardrii free from the Google Play Store.

Ever had a favorite wallpaper that doesn’t fit nicely on your Android device’s display?  How did you manage to get the wallpaper to look nice on your device?