All those news leaks and consequent buzz and excitement surrounding the Droid Bionic have finally come to an end with the smartphone’s launch earlier this month. Some mobile users say they found it disappointing against the background of the hype. Others say they felt all their smartphone wishes just came true.

What many may have not considered is postponing the purchase of this much talked about phone until sometime mid-October.

So what’s going to happen next month? Some smartphones considered to be tough competition for the Droid Bionic are possibly going to be launched. These are the Nexus Prime, the Droid Prime, and the iPhone 5. Each one of these phones is rumored to be this year’s ‘most advanced mobile release’. Of course that’s said of practically every new smartphone that comes out.

In any case, it would be smarter to wait until you have all options within reach. You don’t buy a relatively expensive piece of sophisticated hardware on advertising alone. It’s necessary to actually test drive it first much like an automobile. By October you’ll get the chance to see first-hand what all these super phones can actually do.

If you’re still on the fence about the Droid Bionic, waiting just a few more weeks will enable you to make a more informed purchase decision. After personally comparing all the upcoming ones and the phone still comes out on top for you, then you can really say you’ve made a deliberate choice.

However, if you’re already sold out on the Droid Bionic’s features and capabilities, a short wait may save you some hard-earned cash. With such big guns for competition, there’s a big chance the Droid Bionic’s price may just drop.

Via gottabemobile