Although the list of new features for version 2.1 of the VSCO Cam Android app is short and simple, the results are anything but. Users can now import larger images and utilize better location and privacy settings while enjoying performance enhancements on this stylish image editing app.

VSCO Cam is an easy to use image editing application, touting itself “The Standard of Mobile Photography.” It includes an expected set of tools, from Crop and Rotate to Vignette and more, but is truly designed to quickly and easily apply preset styles to your photos. We’re not exactly talking Instagram filters here — these styles do more than just apply a filter, they intelligently tweak the exposure, temperature, brightness and contrast, while allowing you to choose how much of each effect to apply. The results can be spectacular, if you take some time with it, and additional styles can be obtained through in-app payments.


In my opinion, one of the key updates in version 2.1 is the ability to turn off location data when uploading your image to their Grid – a social wall of photos by users like you. The ability to import larger images extends the usage of VSCO Cam beyond images taken from your Android device, letting you edit on the fly higher quality images taken on your full digital camera.

Watch for the update to VSCO Cam on your device, or download it fresh from the Play Store.

Do you apply filters or perform other improvements to your photography before you share it with others? Are VSCO Cam’s styles powerful enough for you desired edits?