Having access to a VPN is extremely important in today’s age. Use public WiFi? Want to see if your bandwidth is being throttled? Work remotely? Don’t trust your ISP or carrier? Want to see video or content that is only available in the US or while you are travelling? Then having access to VPN to encrypt and tunnel your traffic can certainly come in handy.

Available for desktop browsers and Android devices, VPN unlimited allows you to browse, shop and transact online securely from any location, and also grants access to location-restricted sites and servers. Your web traffic is encrypted right from your device for total personal protection from spying and hacking, and you can enjoy much more stable and secure connections than with proxies — all without the need for special configuration to work with applications on your desktop or mobile devices.

There’s never been a better time to secure your online activity. The Android Authority Deals Store is offering up 3 years of VPN Unlimited service for any 5 devices for just $19 — 70% off the suggested retail value.

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