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Voxel Rush hosts NVIDIA sponsored platform wars; pits Android vs iOS for two days

Voxel Rush is a 3D racing-style infinite runner that is a decent game already. It's also hosting the Platform Wars that pits Android vs iOS gamers! Don't miss it!
September 26, 2014
Platform Wars Voxel Push
Voxel Rush is a 3D racing-style infinite runner with minimal graphics, a good rating in the Google Play Store, and a free (with IAPs) price tag. It also happens to be hosting a two day event where Android gamers can pit themselves against iOS gamers in a battle to see which platform plays better. The Android side of things is even sponsored by NVIDIA and the game has included NVIDIA-themed power ups that gamers can collect.

Here is how it works. For the next 48 hours, Android and iOS gamers can choose to play in the Platform Wars (accessible from the main menu). After 48 hours, the developers will score each side and give them a skill rating. Skill ratings are determined by taking the total score of one side and dividing it by the number of players on that side. The side with the higher score rating wins. Here are some other specifics of the contest:

  • All players will be competing on the same map.
  • The winning side will be rewarded with in-game currency. The developers have stated that it will be for the kind you can’t grind for (the kind you usually have to buy via IAPs) which is good news for the winning team.
  • On the Android side, players will be able to collect NVIDIA-branded power ups in multiple game modes. According to the developers, they will be usable throughout the game but won’t count toward the total score of the Platform Wars.
  • A randomly selected player will receive a free NVIDIA Shield tablet.

This is a really fun idea that pits Android and iOS against each other in likely one of the most civilized ways yet. At last glance, the score was more or less even so it’s a free for all right now. If you want to play in the Platform Wars, click this link to grab Voxel Push from the Play Store. The winners of the wars and the NVIDIA Shield tablet will be announced on Monday. Game on!