Market research firm Infonetics Research recently released a report stating that while more VoLTE rollouts are occurring around the world, there continues to be little to no reason for businesses to use this technology at the moment.

As of June 2014, there were only 8 VoLTE commercial services worldwide although it is expected that there will be thirty additional commercial VoLTE networks launched in 2014-2015 and a total of 1.5 billion mVoIP subscribers worldwide in 2013.

Therefore, at the moment, most providers see very little money per user which makes the VoLTE business unsustainable for many independent companies.

“VoLTE rollouts are taking off, but there is no business case for it yet, and dubbing it as ‘HD voice’ is misleading because there are already 100 high-definition (HD) voice networks running on HSPA around the world. And Africa has the best HD voice networks!” – Stéphane Téral, Infonetics Research

Some are a bit more optimistic about the near future of VoLTE. Speaking to FierceWireless, one vice president thinks VoLTE combined with Rich Communication Services will let carriers compete against services such as Apple’s FaceTime.


At the moment, United States carriers have VoLTE plans for 2014 but are not giving timelines:

  • T-Mobile says that they will roll out VoLTE to more customers in 2014 but has not given a timeframe for the rollout.
  • Verizon has said on a number of occasions that they plan to launch VoLTE  at some point in 2014 that will be immediately available nationwide.
  • AT&T recently launched VoLTE on one device, the Galaxy S4 mini in select areas and says they will expand to additional markets in the future.
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