From July to December, Vodafone will bundle a six-month Netflix subscription when you sign up to one of its Red 4G plans. Customers of Vodafone also have the option of entertainment packs including Sky Sports and Spotify.

The catch?

Well, at the moment, you will need to pick a minimum £26-per-month ($43) plan, which gives you unlimited data for the first three months and then 3GB of data per month going forward.

Considering Netflix streams consume up to 1GB per hour for SD video and up to 3GB on HD content, a customer outside of a wifi connection has little chance of using Netflix more than once or twice per month on Vodafone’s 4G network (starting in the fourth month of the phone contract).

According to Vodafone, they will be spending £3 billion ($5.1 billion) for mobile networks in Europe and plans for more than 91% 4G coverage in Europe by 2016.