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Vodafone UK finally starts shipping Pebble Blue Galaxy S3s, only 16 GB models for the time being

June 8, 2012

Samsung had huge problems with the worldwide release of the S2 last year, needing several months to get the phone in stores across the five continents. Fortunately, the issues have disappeared with the new Galaxy S3 and we’re hoping to see the new flagship smartphone get from Europe and Asia to the US in less than a month.

Unfortunately, Sammy has still encountered some more minor issues with the phone’s distribution, and was forced to only offer the white 16 GB version in many markets. The 32 GB model has only started shipping in a couple of markets around the globe, while the Pebble Blue version’s shipments (both in 16 and 32 GB) have been delayed due to “production errors”.

While Samsung hasn’t yet solved all its distribution and production issues, we finally have some good news for those of you who simply can’t accept the white S3. Vodafone UK has officially announced that it started shipping the 16 GB Pebble Blue phone, while the 32 GB blue model should itself be made available “as soon as possible”.

The carrier’s announcement reads as follows:

“We have now received stock of the pebble blue 16GB Samsung Galaxy SIII, all customers who pre-ordered this device before 7pm on Tuesday 29 May will start to receive their phones from tomorrow (8 June).
We’re continuing to work closely with Samsung to secure stock of the 32GB pebble blue Samsung Galaxy SIII as soon as possible, and will update this thread as soon as we have more information.”

Did any of you guys get the blue S3? If so, could you please tell us how you would describe the phone’s coat of paint? Is it that light blue we saw in the first press photos or the darker hue rumored to come after the production error business? Also, if you would be so kind as to post some pics with your spanking brand new gadget, we would be forever in your debt.