dsc00354So we took a walk down to Vodafone UK’s self-proclaimed busiest branch that “sells the most phones” this morning; Cornmarket Street, Oxford. As a burgeoning dual University town, it is clear why this Vodafone store could be the number one selling store in the UK. Their support staff are certainly up to par. However, despite the assurances from Vodafone in London, and the in-store staff when we checked with them yesterday, the HTC Magic is no where to be seen. The small ‘HTC Magic with Google is coming” notice remains in the window front.

Apparently, they did not receive stock of the device; although it is more likely they have the stock but are simply not ready to sell, for whatever reason. Either way, one of the managers told Android Authority that they would receive Google’s latest offerings tomorrow, Saturday morning. This is somewhat of a shame for any wannabe early adopters out there who may have been looking forward to getting their hands on the Magic today.

If anyone else in the UK has experienced a Vodafone store (street side, not online) allowing people to walk away with a Magic in their pocket, let us know.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of AndroidAuthority.com, based in the U.K.