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Vodafone UK to start selling used phones with their "Nearly New" program

Vodafone UK will soon start selling used smartphones under the "Nearly New" program. The thing is, the discounts they offer aren't really that tempting. You're better off going on eBay or Amazon.
January 3, 2013

Smartphones, once viewed as a luxury item, have now become an essential part of millions of people’s lives. The thing is, not everyone can afford the latest and greatest. Companies know this, so they create midrange and low end devices. In fact, a significant chunk of the smartphones sold in China cost less than $150. But there’s another way to buy a smartphone, one that most people often overlook: buying a second hand device. You’d be surprised how affordable a flagship phone from a year ago can be if you buy it used. For the price of a new Samsung Galaxy S3, you can buy you and someone in your family a Galaxy S2 and still have some money leftover.

Vodafone UK, looking to make it easier for people to own smartphones, has just launched a program called “Nearly New”. As the name suggests, they’ll sell you a second hand device that’s in very good condition for a discounted price. Better yet, they’ll even give you a 12 month warranty should anything go wrong.

So which devices are being offered? iPhones of course, but let’s ignore those, shall we? In the Android department we have the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTCOne S, two very respectable devices, with the former being a smartphone that many folks consider to be the best phone of 2012. How cheap are the rates? Well, here’s the thing, they’re not very impressive. The GS3, new, can be had for free on a 37 GBP/month plan. If you buy it used, that comes down to 34 GBP/month. That’s a savings of 36 GBP over the course of a year, which comes out to roughly $60.

To be perfectly honest with you, you’re much better off buying a second hand device from eBay or Amazon. If you’re in the UK, you should also check out the PSC Forum. This writer can vouch for the person who runs that website, Steve Litchfield.